Quick Guide To Beginner Crochet Yarn


Which yarn should I buy?! I remember feeling totally lost the first time I stepped into my local yarn and other crafts supplier. They had a variety of yarn with awesome colors, sizes and material. So here’s a simple guide for you about beginner crochet yarn. Hope you like it 🙂

Before we jump into details the best kind of yarn to start with would be any worsted weight yarn (size 4 or 10 ply in UK) and the hook size recommended on it’s label which is usually an H-8 (5 mm) hook. Worsted weight yarn makes it easy for a beginner to recognize the stitches and easily count them – which is a skill you will learn gradually –  and also because of its medium thickness it is easier to work with than smaller yarn or bulkier yarn.

Beginner Crochet Yarn Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn

Beginner Crochet Yarn | The red yarn is a worsted weight cotton yarn while if you look closely the black yarn on the right is bulky weight cotton yarn which is much thicker than the red yarn.

Photo Credit: Flickr @ F. Tronchin


That said, there are 3 different types of yarn commonly used by beginners:

  • Cotton Yarn: I live in a hot country (UAE) and therefore I picked a cotton yarn for my first yarn ever.  It is said that cotton is more challenging to work with and it is less elastic than other types of yarn but I didn’t feel so and as I said living under a hot weather makes it hard for you to choose wool or acrylic instead of cotton yarn! Cotton yarn also is the best choice if you are making projects like coasters and coffee mug cozies.


  • Wool Yarn: Wool is awesome! It is a resilient fiber, and is forgiving of mistakes making it a very good choice to practice your stitches. Also if you make a mistake you can easily unravel your stitches (also know as frogging in crochet terms)  and re-use the yarn once again. If you don’t have the “too hot” weather problem then maybe you should go for wool yarn. Also please note that some people have allergies from wool which is probably something you would’ve known already if you had but it is important to mention that in case you are planning of making baby-items or gifts for adults.


  • Acrylic Yarn: Acrylic yarn is one of the most common yarn used because it is very affordable and comes with a huge variety of color. It is more than acceptable for beginners to use acrylic yarn but you should be aware that some very cheap acrylic yarn would split during crocheting so if you are having a hard time crocheting with acrylic yarn you can switch to a different brand or use wool or cotton instead. With acrylic yarn you can make projects like blankets, baby blankets, cardigans, slippers (baby & adult), scarves, beanies, gloves, bookmarks and many more…..


Some More Tips On Buying Beginner Crochet Yarn:

  1. Choose a yarn that is smooth in texture and avoid furry or hairy yarns (also know as eyelash yarns).
    Beginner Crochet Yarn Eyelash Yarn

    Beginner Crochet Yarn | Eyelash Yarn – Just by looking at the photo I feel itchy! / Photo Credit: Flickr @ crochetgal

  2. For your learning yarn (the yarn you will use to learn) choose light colors and avoid dark colored yarn so you easily see your stitches.
  3. You probably want to start with an affordable yarn but avoid very cheap yarn because it will probably be challenging to work with and may split easily. Wool, cotton and acrylic yarn are usually very affordable so go for one of those.
  4. Make sure you read the yardage (length) on the yarn label, maybe this yarn is cheaper but it is only because it is smaller in length.
  5. If you want to crochet a large project (a blanket for instance) and you need to buy plenty of yarn for it make sure for every color of yarn skeins you buy they have the same lot number so all skeins color will be identical.
  6. It is very important to keep with you the label that was attached on the yarn even after you use the yarn so you know the washing instructions (machine washable, can be put in the dryer, etc…. ) for it.
    Beginner Crochet Yarn Label Information

    Beginner Crochet Yarn | Label Information. As you can see this is a yarn label, it says the yarn composition, the yardage, the crochet hook and knitting needle size recommended and the washing instructions.

    Photo Credit: beginnercrochet.club

  7. It is important to mention that people buy yarn in two ways. One is that they just go to their local crafts supplies store see yarns they like and buy some of it according to how much they can afford at that moment and I think many people do this. The second way which is a little more reasonable and budget conscious is you choose the projects you want to make be it through youtube videos or crochet patterns you find online make a list of them and write down the yarn required for each project and then go to your local crafts supplies store and buy yarn accordingly. I think the second way is better because I see my fellow crocheters all the time asking things like “I bought those skeins of yarn today please give me ideas of what to do with them” or what can also happen is after they buy 10-15 skeins of yarn and go home couple of days later they find a very nice crochet pattern they want to work on but they find that they still need to go buy more yarn –  and therefore pay more money – because the colors/size/material of the yarn they have just bought doesn’t suit that pattern. So when buying yarn I recommend you buy with certain crochet projects in mind.


To help you more here is a suggested beginner crochet yarn list (minimal) you should buy in the beginning to gradually start building your own yarn stash and as I said in the tips above this list is crochet projects oriented:

**Warning Affiliate Links**

1 skein of Redheart super saver jumbo yarn: this is an acrylic worsted wright yarn (size 4 or 10 ply in UK) that you will need to use for practicing purposes. I picked a jumbo size because then you wouldn’t run out of practice yarn.



3 skeins of Caron One Pound Yarn so you can make your first granny square blanket. This is also a worsted weight yarn.


1-3 Lily Sugar ‘N Cream Super Size Yarn of colors of your choice to use to make coasters, coffee mug cozies and bookmarks.


One set of crochet hooks like one of the below:


Finally, I will also make a video soon to showcase my yarn stash and show some of my first beginner crochet projects I did to practice so stay tuned. If you have any advice for your fellow beginners I would be very happy if you share them in the comments section below.


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