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I always wanted to learn to crochet. The first time I encountered crochet was in a class at my school. I was around 11 or 12 years old but I didn’t learn anything more than making the initial chain, the single crochet and making a square swatch out of those that always looked ugly and I never figured out why 🙂

It wasn’t before September 2016 that I finally decided to learn to crochet specially after a yarn shop opened near my house! I was delighted that they also will be offering crochet classes but unfortunately their prices were too high and because I had children my schedule was least flexible for their classes schedule.

I started looking for crochet online classes. I was very skeptical that I can learn crochet from an online course. I always felt that handmade hobbies need to be taught in a real-life class but when I came across craftsy crochet classes, they looked professional and the classes were affordable for me. 

I joined Crochet: Basics and Beyond by the very nice instructor Kim Werker and that was the course that taught me to crochet! And actually this is why I am writing this Craftsy classes review post.

Craftsy Classes Reviews

Craftsy Classes Reviews – Photo Credit: Craftsy

For the Crochet: Basics and Beyond class you get:

  • 8 HD video lessons with anytime,anywhere access
  • Class materials that include Kim’s granny square blanket pattern
  • Hours of close-up instruction
  • Answers from Kim in’s virtual classroom

I literally liked everything about the class and the surprise is the craftsy app that you can use to watch the class videos after you purchase your classes. So I ended up enrolling to Mastering Foundation Crochet Stitches with Marty Miller and Next Steps in Crochet with Kim Werker too!

To get an idea about why I like that app, I will show you some of the features it offers you (most are available on the website version except for the ability to watch the videos while you are not connected to the internet).

Craftsy Classes Reviews

Craftsy Classes Reviews/ This is how my account looks like when I log in on craftsy mobile app. Photo Credit: craftsy

So, first thing when I open the app and I log into my account I see the above settings. Class library refers to all the classes you’ve purchased. Pattern library refers to all the patterns you’ve purchased too and my projects – I’ve never used that 🙂 – refers to any photos you’ve uploaded to your Craftsy class of your crochet projects, because usually in all classes you work on certain projects and you get to upload them to the class library for others to see and you can actually browse through the class projects library to see other people’s work. This is actually one way to get an idea of what you will learn in a course.

Craftsy Classes Reviews

Craftsy Classes Reviews/ Some of my classes.Photo Credit: Craftsy

One of the best features that I like in the Craftsy app is that you can download the lectures on your phone. So when you are away from a wifi connection and don’t want to consume your data you can still watch the videos! Actually I remember I did that on days that I take the kids to the park… they get to play and I get to crochet! How relaxing!

Craftsy Classes Reviews

Craftsy Classes Reviews. The Discussions Tab. Photo Credit: Craftsy

One of the best features of craftsy courses available both on the website and the app is the discussions. You can post questions along with photos of your work-in-progress and get your answers directly from the instructor! You can also go through other people’s questions and find very useful information.


Craftsy Classes Reviews

Craftsy Classes Reviews. Along with every class comes class material that include useful documents and patterns. Photo Credit: Craftsy

Every class comes with some class material and sometimes free patterns to practice the skills you’ve learned in the class videos. And again, this is where the discussion tab becomes useful even more because you can ask questions about parts in the pattern you don’t understand and get the answer right from the expert!


Craftsy Classes Reviews

Craftsy Classes Reviews. You can add notes to bookmark the important parts of a video. Photo Credit: Craftsy

One more thing I like is the Notes Tab. You can use it to bookmark your favorite or important parts of videos so instead of going through entire videos looking for a certain crochet stitch or a small piece of information you can refer back to it directly when you need it by using the Notes tab.


Craftsy Classes Reviews

Craftsy Classes Reviews. Photo Credit: Craftsy

If you are still wondering how the classes are divided. The photo above gives you a small hint. Every class is divide to topics and every topic is divide to short videos so you can go through those small video segments easily.

Overall, I think enrolling to a craftsy class is a very nice experience. I will definitely be taking more classes not only crochet classes but also in other fields like baking and sewing 🙂

Online Crochet Class


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